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Prolotherapy or RIT Prolotherapy or Regenerative Injection Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that heals ligaments, tendons, tissue tears, nerve pain, and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. The injections promote collagen repair which is a natural body protein necessary for the formation of

Information & Studies

Information & Studies

Prolotherapy or Regenerative Injection Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that can be used to heal ligaments, tendons, tissue tears, and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. These treatments are performed with the goal of stimulating growth factors and promoting the body’s natural healing

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Houston Spine & Sports Medicine Our location is conveniently located close to I-45 North and Sawdust Rd. We are easily reachable from the surrounding communities of Houston, Tomball, Spring, Magnolia, Kingwood and Conroe.   Contact Us: 281-357-5454 Our Address is: 25216 Grogans Park Dr.,

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Lateral epicondylosis (LE) is a common elbow injury. It’s usually referred to as “tennis elbow,” although it can be diagnosed in anyone with high repetition or gripping activities. Many non-surgical therapies have been tested for LE but none have been

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Clinicians and researchers at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, Bethany Medical Center, Kansas City and the University of Kansas Medical Center, studied the effect of a 10% dextrose solution on patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Some of the

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Prolotherapy Houston The Woodlands

Prolotherapy is a non-surgical regenerative injection technique that is used at Houston Spine & Sports Medicine to treat muscles, ligaments, tendons, tissue tears, nerve pain, and chronic musculoskeletal conditions including fibromyalgia. It involves the injection of a dextrose solution and

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection technique that traditionally involves the injection of a dextrose solution. 2. Is Prolotherapy a treatment that can help me? Studies show the effectiveness of Prolotherapy for various musculoskeletal conditions including treatment

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What Our Patients Say…

I injured my shoulder, and over the next several months lost range of motion. I didn't know much about prolotherapy but was anxious for some relief. I'm back to nearly 100% after only one treatment. My range of motion has returned and my pain is all but gone. I'm a big fan of prolotherapy!

Barney B.

I noticed over a period of six months, my knee pain was progressing for no apparent reason. I had to stop a lot of physical activities including treadmill workouts, golf and skiing. The pain would wake me up at night, and it was even difficult to lift my leg to put on a sock. I was evaluated at Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, and agreed to a series of prolotherapy knee injections. I am now skiing again, and have returned to the driving range pain free!

Tom S.

On my first appointment, I could hardly walk. My back was hurting more than you can believe. I received some prolotherapy shots and felt much better before I even left the office. I have had my hip, shoulder, and back treated since. The personal touch I receive at this clinic means so much to me and is very important when you are hurting.

Connie J.